Brand Building for Toyota’s 3-Day Convention

Social media posting, data capture, branded pictures, slideshows and much more!

Toyota needed an experience that guests wouldn’t soon forget and A-list Photo Booths jumped at the opportunity. The entire 3-day event went off completely flawlessly thanks to our preparation, staff and reliable equipment.  

Standing outside of the photo booth area guests were intrigued by what was happening on the plush red carpet enclosed by luxurious velvet red rope and stanchions. Outsiders (who then were quick to jump in line) saw people laughing and having a ton of fun.

All the photo booth fun was being displayed to a live slideshow on two 65” LED TVs and periodically we displayed the Toyota logo as well. (Notice the back of our slim and sleek social media kiosks – CLICK HERE to read more about our Social Media Kiosks.

Guests were greeted by a huge smile from our first staff member that welcomed each guest, peeled back the red rope and offered to kindly store their belongings outside of the picture frame.

After the guests picked out a few signs (provided by the client) they were then greeted by our photo booth attendant. Guests were positioned in the perfect position -- so the pictures came out just right. The eight-foot tall laser cut Styrofoam letter backdrop was important to capture in each picture.

As soon as the guests were finished taking 4 photos each guest instantly received their own branded print-outs in less than 10 seconds.

Then each guest was greeted by a third staff member who assisted guests to use our unique social media kiosks. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Message capabilities were are available to everyone. Every post had predetermined text attached to it -- which really pushed the event message and hashtag! (Pictured above is our social media kiosk interface.)
Did we mention the guests could also send an animated GIF to all of those outlets as well? They really had a ton of fun watching these fun GIFs!
Continuing with a full branding from top to bottom … Toyota elected to have their branding on the exterior of our photo booth. They wanted a simplistic design and we were happy to design, print and install it for them.

Following the event, Toyota was provided with analytic reports that provided detailed information as to how many posts went to what type of social media outlet and the impressions each made out there on the internet.

An additional feature we offer is data capture that will record useful things to grow your brand.  All of this useful data is given to you in a neat and organized Excel spreadsheet which can then be used with MailChimp and other brand building tools.

Here is a list of things available to capture with each outlet. (File name refers to the photo booth file they send.)

Facebook – First name, last name, email address, number of friends and file name.

Instagram – Username, number of friends and file name.

Twitter – Username, number of friends and file name.

Email – E-mail address and file name.

Text Message – Mobile number and file name.

We hope this short review of the services we provided Toyota opens your eyes to the endless possibilities when using our photo booths as a fun yet strategic marketing tool!

Event Package List:

Photo Booth Standard Package
  • Prompt delivery, setup, and tear-down of the booth
  • Full-time professional and knowledgeable attendant for the duration of the event
  • X hours of unlimited use
  • Unlimited photo printouts
  • Professionally designed custom welcome screen
  • Professionally designed photo print-outs
  • High-quality, exciting, and unique props that our competitors don't offer
  • Next day available online photo gallery, hosted for 6 months

+ 2 Social Media Kiosks + Animated GIF Mode
+ Project Manager
+ 3 support staff members
+ 2 65” TVs with live slideshow
+ Exterior vinyl wrap
+ Red rope with stanchions
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