You have questions, and we have answers. Check out our FAQs to learn everything you need to know about getting A-list Photo Booths to make your next event one to remember. 

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (240) 780-8311 and or fill out our contact us form .

Why choose us?
  1. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service and to give your guests an experience they won’t soon forget! Rest assured you’ll have no delay in our response to any questions you might have for us.
  2. We have the most modern and elegant looking photo booths on the market, sure to flow nicely with any décor. The exterior of our booths are in flawless condition too! 
  3. The majority of our photo booth capabilities and props are not offered from our competitors.  The booth, software, props, and add-on options are constantly being updated to keep up with whatever our clients may desire!
  4. We have very capable and professionally trained staff to operate the booths! 
  5. All the components of our booths are high-quality to help ensure a smooth operation at your event. With our printing photo booth we use a high-quality 18 megapixel Canon T5i camera with 1080P High Definition video capture capability to ensure your photos/videos are taken with the utmost quality. And why print out an immaculate photo on a low-quality printer? We have the industry's #1 photo lab quality printer that prints your photos in less than 8 seconds! Last but not least, all of that fun stuff wouldn't work very well without an efficient computer to tell it all what to do, right? You guessed it! We have that too! 
  6. It's easy to cut corners with low customer service, low-quality equipment (camera, computer, printer, & paper), & cheap props).  Our high-quality equipment allows for quicker session times which means you are getting more for your money because we can handle more sessions!  We strive to keep our pricing very competitive with your options in the photo booth rental industry and truly believe we are offering you the best value possible. If you find a lower price of an equal quality and service photo booth -- we will beat their price by 10%.
  • What do I need to reserve a photo booth for my event?
    A $500 non-refundable reservation fee is required with a signed contract, and the remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the event. If the event is less than 10 days away, then the full balance is due at the time of booking. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit card. 

  • What if I’m not sure which options I want yet?
    That’s fine! The important thing to do is get the reservation made, so we can block off the date for you. We can go over the options at any point in time prior to your event.  The weeks in and around May, October and December are our busiest months of the year and almost guaranteed to get booked up!

  • Do you offer various print layouts and designs?
    Yes! View our Private Event Samples and our Brand Building Samples from past events. Check out our Instagram account for our most recent work!  The layouts are fully customizable and our graphic designer constructs a brand new print-out design specific for your event. We'll use your invitations, theme, colors, and text as a reference during the design process. The design process will begin 1 month prior to the date of your event. No other photo booth company offers a complete design (from scratch) as seen in our gallery links above! This is included with most of our standard printing photo booth packages and it's an add-on option for our digital photo booth. It's not included with any Thumbtack packages.
  • Can I design my own print-out? 
    In order to preserve the quality of our work and to give our clients the best possible artwork on their print-outs ... we do not allow clients to do their own designs.  Multiple files need to be produced for each event.  However, we can work with whatever artwork you are using for the event and we can work with any file type as long as they are of good quality. 
  • How long does it take to set up a photo booth?
    Printing photo booth answer:  It generally takes 45 minutes (once we have all of our gear at the photo booth location), but we arrive 2 hours ahead of the photo booth start-time to ensure everything is ready to go for the very first guest. You do not pay for the time we arrive prior to the start time of the booth. For example, if you wanted to start the booth at 6pm, we would come at 4pm to begin setup and you do not pay for those hours of 4pm-6pm.  Note: We use a flat cart dolly to bring in all of gear; if everything needs to be brought in by hand in order to take everything up/down staircases (in case there's no elevator) - we can do that - but there may be an additional fee for an extra assistant to help load-in/load-out. There also may be an additional fee (for an assistant) if we need to load-in and be completely setup in 1 hour or less.
    Digital photo booth answer:  It only takes us 15 minutes to setup the digital photo booth and only 5 extra minutes to setup any backdrop upgrade option that you added to the digital photo booth.  For this reason, we arrive 30 minutes before the photo booth is supposed to be active.

  • Is there a delivery/setup fee?
    No, 9 out of 10 times there is not a delivery/setup fee of any kind. However, on the rare occasion, some venues have a very difficult and time consuming load-in/load-out path from the loading dock to the actual photo booth location. For example; 18' wheeler height loading docks, long and narrow hallways, freight elevators, small elevators, stairs, steep ramps and even limited physical access to the photo booth room are all contributing factors to difficult deliveries. These difficult deliveries incur an extra $200 dollar fee since we need to bring an additional staff member to help bring things in/out. Some of the known venues that incur this difficult delivery charge are the following venues: W Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Hay Adams, Smithsonian American Art Museum (Donald. W. Reynolds Center - Renwick Gallery), Bethesda Country Club, Mayflower Hotel, Opera, Top of the Town and Ronald Regan Building -- just to name a few.

  • Can you set up even earlier than the times stated in the answers above?
    Yes. However, the fee is $50 per hour for this “idle time.”  It's not a noisy process to set up but we bring in numerous cases and parts. You can also purchase these idle hours in the case that you want to turn off the printing photo booth in the middle of your event.  

  • How much room is needed for the entire photo booth area?
    Printing photo booth answer: Ideally the printing photo booth could use a 10’x10’ allotted space with a power outlet within 25 feet. Our photo booths can squeeze in even smaller spaces - if needed - which allows us to stay closer to the action of the event!  The smallest space we've taken up so far is 7' wide by 7' deep and that was still a great amount of room for group shots, backdrop and a props table!
    Digital photo booth answer:  One of the great things about the digital photo booth option is that it only takes up 20" wide by 20" for the photo booth itself!  It's a tremendous space saver ... especially when not used with a backdrop! Click here to read our blog post about using a photo booth without a backdrop.

  • Are you willing to do a walk-thru of our venue?  
    Yes, while we've been to most venues we are happy to do a walk-thru. If there's a venue that we haven't been to yet we are happy to do a walk-thru after deposit has been submitted. If for whatever reason you chose not to have our photo booth at your event, after the walk-thru, we're happy to refund your deposit minus $50 dollars. We have yet to find a venue that our photo booths don't work at for any reason! Remember, most venues have hosted a photo booth at their event -- so the venue coordinator should be very knowledgeable as to the best places for photo booth areas.
  • How many people fit in a picture?
    18 is currently the record!

  • How far do you travel?
    We normally travel within 60 miles of Washington, DC (zip code 20036). Outside of that area, we charge 50 cents per mile each way.  We've been as far as New York City and are happy to travel!

  • How quickly can I receive the pictures from my event?
    Within 24 hours of your event you will receive a link to your digital photo gallery and you can download all of your pictures. You'll receive all the digital versions of your print-outs as well as all the individual digital pictures that make-up those print-outs. This digital photo gallery can be downloaded to your own flash drive with a single click. You can also have the high resolution photos/videos placed on a flash drive and mailed to you for an additional $20 dollars.

  • Can you provide services for an outdoor event?
    Yes, we've done numerous outdoor events (check out our blog post about Outdoor Events). Usually a tent (10'x10' or 10'x20') with 3 walls, tie-down straps and water/cement barrels securing it to the ground will have to be provided should there be any chance of precipitation or winds during the day of the event. A generator will also need to be available for our use. We can provide all of the above (at an extra charge).
  • How many booths should I have at my event?
    We recommend 1 booth for every 400-500 guests.  We can bring multiple booths to your event which allows us to keep the line almost constantly moving! 
  • Do you require vendor meals?
    No, but if there's any food offered we greatly appreciate it.  For private events we usually have 1 attendant on-site when we doing printing. 
  • Do you have liability insurance? 
    We sure do! We are happy to provide you or the venue with the certificate. 
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