By Nicholas Suarez 13 Jun, 2017
Farm Rich was thrilled with the services we provided them during this two day activation!  There was a constant line of guests waiting to take photos for the animated GIF photo booth.  There were two brand ambassadors sending people to the photo booth area and a photo booth attendant. Plus, there was another brand ambassador assisting guests at the social media kiosks and helping guests send animated GIFs (and digital print-outs) via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text and Email.

Full analytic reports and data capture of all the emails/phone numbers and social media data were provided to the client the SAME DAY!

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By Nicholas Suarez 16 May, 2017
This blog post will be short because pictures are worth 1,000 words. 

Pictured below is a side-by-side comparison how the pictures should look VS the way the pictures will likely come out when you hire a photo booth company that doesn't make the investment to learn how to use their equipment.

We train our photo booth attendants on the proper way to calibrate our cameras - on-site - to get the perfect picture for that venues particular lighting situation.

There's nothing worse than paying a premium and receiving a sub-par product.
By Nicholas Suarez 10 Apr, 2017
With a proper tent structure and generator for electricity ... our photo booths do see the outdoors.  Yes, we can provide those things ( at an additional fee ).  We've done large community events, picnics, rooftop networking events, birthdays, weddings, dog events for National Geographic and even freezing cold events in the middle of December!  We've successfully done outdoor events in both the coldest and hottest weather you could imagine.

A weighted down tent structure with 3 sturdy walls is a necessity for all outdoor photo booth events.  One - because it shields all the high-tech components from any chance of being touched by precipitation and wind.  Two - because with any amount of sunlight touching the front of the photo booth screen ... people will not be able to view the computer screen which means they will not be able to position themselves correctly in the photos. 

You'll notice some pictures below do not have a tent.  That's because once our attendant was on-site and reviewed the weather forecast to determine it was safe to set up without a tent ... we provided the photo booth services without a tent.  Also, the photo booth may have been positioned in a very well shaded area and/or the photo booth wasn't turned on till after sunset. 

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By Nicholas Suarez 29 Mar, 2017
Our enclosed photo booth option is different than any other enclosed photo booth. 

While there's 4 walls to the enclosure it still allows you to fit extra large groups AND still do our backdrop upgrades!  From the super soft yet heavy drape material to the base plates and poles being completed covered in fabric ... we have yet to see an enclosure this nice! 

Measurements/Set Up:

As pictured, with a backdrop upgrade, it measures 10' deep, 8.5' wide and is height adjustable from 6' up to 8' 3".  In this picture the height is about 8' 3".  This is just about the minimum overall size it would need to be in order to do a backdrop upgrade.

If you elected to not do a backdrop upgrade we could take pictures directly against the white drapery you see here and the pictures would still look great.  If you did not want to do a backdrop upgrade then we could make the enclosure even smaller since it's all built on adjustable poles!

Allow 1 extra hour for the photo booth enclosure setup.   That means we'd need to arrive 3 hours (as opposed to the standard 2 hours) before the start time of the photo booth.

By Nicholas Suarez 16 Mar, 2017
One advantage to our open-air photo booths is that it doesn't need to be used with a backdrop.  Some of our clients prefer this method for a couple reasons.  Perhaps they want to capture the feel of the venue in their pictures.  Or maybe they want to save some room in their venue space and want us to just bring our photo booth (which fits in a foot-print size of 2'x4'). 

Below are some pictures of setups without a backdrop and a print-out from that event.

Click here to view pictures of our setup with and without backdrops.
By Nicholas Suarez 15 Mar, 2017

This is our flagship photo booth. It's called an "open-air style photo booth." That means it's a stand-alone piece of equipment that houses the camera, computer and printer.  (Not seen in this picture is a studio quality umbrella light which is positioned directly behind the photo booth.)  An open-air booth usually points towards a backdrop and guests stand between the photo booth and the backdrop. However, you do not have to use any backdrop with our photo booth and you can capture a crowd, brick wall, artwork or whatever else is behind the guests taking pictures!

By Nicholas Suarez 31 Aug, 2016
These may be the best thing since sliced bread!  Our photo booth will take pictures and send them to our beautiful kiosks. Guests can then visit the kiosk (immediately after taking their pictures or at any point during the event) and share their media directly to his/her OWN Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, they can text and email their media too! Pictures, videos and GIFs!

We can even add special predetermined text to all of these posts and really push your event message, hashtag, website or whatever! This is really the best option for branding and high traffic events. Analytic reports will provide our clients with information on where the posts went throughout social media and data capturing capabilities are available as well.  These type of options allow our clients to follow-up with photo booth guests and even use the data to promote future events or promotions!

Pictures taken at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House.  Click here to view their website or contact Janin Hardin at 410.779.1216 or and mention A-list Photo Booths!
By Nicholas Suarez 23 Jul, 2016
Danielle and Kevin's guests had SO much fun taking pictures at one of our photo booths!  The wood-paneled walls provided a beautiful and unique backdrop behind the guests.  As usual, our graphic designer constructed a print-out design to match the invitations that were sent out to everyone.  We provided completely custom-made stick props to compliment Danielle and Kevin's love for their careers in the Navy!

Riverside on the Potomac
By lemaster 30 Dec, 2015
Our visit to Maggiano's - Chevy Chase for their 2015 Mitzvah Showcase - on October, 7, 2015 - was exciting and everyone who experienced our photo booth loved their pictures! The guests were able to see our custom designed print-outs and touch-screen and could really envision the booth being customized for their special day. Beth and Kayla, from Maggiano's, were a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process and we highly recommend this venue for Chevy Chase, MD!
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