By Nicholas Suarez 15 Nov, 2017
Below are a few pictures from an activation we did for REI's flagship store in Washington, DC.

Predetermined text was attached to each outgoing text/email/social media post. 

Click here for our very detailed blog post that we wrote on a FarmRich activation -- this shows the capabilities of our Social Media Package 2 - Kiosks.

Full analytic reports, data capture of all the emails/phone numbers and social media data were provided to the client in less than 24 hours.

Contact us today for your activation via our contact us page - click here !

By Nicholas Suarez 15 Nov, 2017
Most of our printing photo booth packages include a completely custom print-out. 

This custom design is also available as an add-on for our digital photo booth.

Our professional graphic designer can match the print-out (or digital "print-out" for those who are using our digital photo booth) to your invitations, theme, color palette, etc. We can also add any special text such as the name of the event, guest of honors name, date of the event and hashtag.  From there we will design a print-out (or digital print-out) specific for YOUR event.  We'll send it to you for approval.

Above is a quick slideshow to show you just some examples of these custom designs.  These are just a few samples of what we've done in the past.  You do not need to choose from the ones in this slideshow because we will make a completely new one for you!  However, you're welcome to have us edit something we've done in the past -- if you really see something you love!

You'll notice that some print-outs have 1, 2, 3 or 4 pictures on it.  The choice is yours!

Click here to see our most recent work.

Click here to see our Private Events Gallery.

Click here to see our Brand Building Gallery.
By Nicholas Suarez 14 Nov, 2017
Usually the light is very limited during events, people struggle to hold the picture straight and/or the flash on a camera phone will go off causing a bright spot right in the middle of the picture.

Allowing your guest the ability to send a digital version of their fun photo booth session is always going to be a better quality image than them trying to take a picture of their print-out with their cell phone.  

We have different social media packages available depending on the photo booth that you picked for your event.
By Nicholas Suarez 07 Nov, 2017
Space Saver
Our digital photo booth only takes up 20" x 20" -- which is just about the same size as your average folding chair!  The top portion of the booth even tilts for kids or people in a wheelchair. 

Our digital photo booth is about 40% cheaper than our full service photo booth option!

Available features include:

  • Single shot photos (samples coming soon!)
  • Animated GIFs (samples coming soon!)
  • Boomerangs (samples coming soon!)
  • Photo Gallery
  • SMS (text) Delivery
  • Email Delivery
  • Social Sharing
  • Custom Overlays
  • 350+ available filters including AR digital props, face altering, and photographic filters
  • Analytics and Reporting (basic and advanced options)
  • Data Capture (basic and advanced options)
  • Allow us to completely vinyl wrap this booth with your branding!

By Nicholas Suarez 03 Nov, 2017
We offer you quit a few options to compliment your rustic themed wedding and a couple of them are included in our Standard Package!  For starters, our graphic designer will design a new print-out for your wedding that will match your theme and color palette. Another feature already included in our Standard Package is that our photo booth can be used as an open-air booth which means we don't have to use a backdrop. We can take advantage of any exposed wood or brick!  Last but not least ... we have an entire Rustic Wedding set of props that are included!

Add-on options to consider:

  • Wood backdrop
  • Soft colored backdrops such as Rose, Slate and Blush
  • Custom chalkboard backdrop
  • Custom stick props
  • Custom hashtag sign
  • HD video recording
  • Scrapbook station
  • Social media package 1

Below are samples of all the above!
By Nicholas Suarez 03 Nov, 2017
A step-and-repeat is a great way to enhance not only your photos but also the appearance of the photo booth area!

Like everything else in the world ... you get what you pay for ... and that applies to step-and-repeats too!  Our step-and-repeats come mounted to a stand-alone wall and are wrinkle-free low-glare fabric.  They even have an additional foot on both sidewalls which make a perfect space to blast your hashtag or logo!

8x8, 10x8 and other sizes available!!
By Nicholas Suarez 13 Jun, 2017
Farm Rich was thrilled with the services we provided them during this two day activation!  There was a constant line of guests waiting to take photos for the animated GIF photo booth.  There were two brand ambassadors sending people to the photo booth area and a photo booth attendant. Plus, there was another brand ambassador assisting guests at the social media kiosks and helping guests send animated GIFs (and digital print-outs) via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text and Email.

Full analytic reports and data capture of all the emails/phone numbers and social media data were provided to the client the SAME DAY!

Contact us today! 

Call - 240-780-8311

Text - 240-388-3330

Email -
By Nicholas Suarez 16 May, 2017
This blog post will be short because pictures are worth 1,000 words. 

Pictured below is a side-by-side comparison how the pictures should look VS the way the pictures will likely come out when you hire a photo booth company that doesn't make the investment to learn how to use their equipment.

We train our photo booth attendants on the proper way to calibrate our cameras - on-site - to get the perfect picture for that venues particular lighting situation.

There's nothing worse than paying a premium and receiving a sub-par product.
By Nicholas Suarez 10 Apr, 2017
With a proper tent structure and generator for electricity ... our photo booths do see the outdoors.  Yes, we can provide those things ( at an additional fee ).  We've done large community events, picnics, rooftop networking events, birthdays, weddings, dog events for National Geographic and even freezing cold events in the middle of December!  We've successfully done outdoor events in both the coldest and hottest weather you could imagine.

A weighted down tent structure with 3 sturdy walls is a necessity for all outdoor photo booth events.  One - because it shields all the high-tech components from any chance of being touched by precipitation and wind.  Two - because with any amount of sunlight touching the front of the photo booth screen ... people will not be able to view the computer screen which means they will not be able to position themselves correctly in the photos. 

You'll notice some pictures below do not have a tent.  That's because once our attendant was on-site and reviewed the weather forecast to determine it was safe to set up without a tent ... we provided the photo booth services without a tent.  Also, the photo booth may have been positioned in a very well shaded area and/or the photo booth wasn't turned on till after sunset. 

Let us plan your next outdoor photo booth experience!
By Nicholas Suarez 29 Mar, 2017
Our enclosed photo booth option is different than any other enclosed photo booth. 

While there's 4 walls to the enclosure it still allows you to fit extra large groups AND still do our backdrop upgrades!  From the super soft yet heavy drape material to the base plates and poles being completed covered in fabric ... we have yet to see an enclosure this nice! 

Measurements/Set Up:

As pictured, with a backdrop upgrade, it measures 10' deep, 8.5' wide and is height adjustable from 6' up to 8' 3".  In this picture the height is about 8' 3".  This is just about the minimum overall size it would need to be in order to do a backdrop upgrade.

If you elected to not do a backdrop upgrade we could take pictures directly against the white drapery you see here and the pictures would still look great.  If you did not want to do a backdrop upgrade then we could make the enclosure even smaller since it's all built on adjustable poles!

Allow 1 extra hour for the photo booth enclosure setup.   That means we'd need to arrive 3 hours (as opposed to the standard 2 hours) before the start time of the photo booth.

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