Wedding Showcases

Wedding Showcases with Data Capture and Analytic Reports

We look forward to providing you and your guests with an amazing photo booth experience!  

ave us provide a unique co-branded photo booth (with both of our brands) and we'll not only bring maximum exposure to your event by sharing pictures directly to the guests social media feeds.  We'll also data capture their emails, phone numbers and social media data for you too!

There is nothing cookie-cutter about our approach in planning a unique photo booth experience for your special event.  Our in-house graphic designer will use your invitation/theme/logo/text/input and develop the perfect print-out just for YOU.  Visit our Galleries to view more sample photos/designs!

Some of our clients ...

Now The Fun Stuff!

Social Media Package

Allowing your guest the ability to send a digital version of their fun photo booth session is always going to be a better quality image than them trying to take a picture of their print-out with their cell phone.

Social Media Kiosks:  Pictures are taken at the photo booth, guests will receive their print-outs and then they will use the kiosks to share their pictures.  At any point of the event the guests can post their media (pictures/videos/GIFs) to their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, they can email and text their media to themselves too. These kiosks are really useful because it allows guests to move quicker through the photo booth area and thus increases the number of pictures we can process at the photo booth! 
Animated GIFs

This makes a cool/fast/fun slideshow of all 3-4 pictures guests take and it can be shared via social media!  (And it can be branded with our logos as well.)

Analytic Reports

Following your event, we can provide you with analytic reports that provide detailed information about how many posts went to what type of social media outlet and the large number of impressions each made out there on the web.

Data Capture

An additional feature we offer is data capture that will record useful things to grow your brand.  All of this useful data is given to you in a neat and organized Excel spreadsheet which can then be used with MailChimp and other brand building tools.

Here is a list of things available to capture with each outlet. (File name refers to the photo booth file they send.)

Facebook – First name, last name, email address, number of friends and file name.

Instagram – Username, number of friends and file name.

Twitter – Username, number of friends and file name.

Email – E-mail address and file name.

Text Message – Mobile number and file name.

Backdrop Choices

Video Recording

While this wouldn't really be used for a showcase ... we just wanted to show you a big hit at most of our weddings!
Enhance the Photo Booth Area
Red rope and stanchions are great for crowd control around a photo booth area.Plus, they provide a elegant appearance to the entire photo booth area.

65" TV's are fun to use when you want us to display a live slideshow of all the fun happening at the photo booth area. People love to see themselves on TV. Plus, the white interior of the TV stand can glow a color of your choice to match the decor!

Social Photobooth
Live Social Media Wall

Display in real-time all your attendees social media posts that are using your hashtag!  Centered on the TV display your attendees will see your hashtag & the social media posts will update throughout the event!
Custom Hashtag Prop

Have a hashtag for your event?  Allow us to make a completely custom hashtag prop for you!  These extremely durable and low-glare signs are not what you can get made at your local copy/print/fax center.  On average they are 20" long and 4" tall. 

Turn the photo booth area in to a private and luxurious space!  Click here to read our blog post about it and learn how it's different than any other enclosed photo booth.

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Standard Package
Social Media Package 1
Social Media Package 2 Kiosks
Animated GIFs
HD Video Recording
Red rope and stanchions
Sequin Backdrop
Flower Wall Backdrop
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