Thank you, again, for choosing A-list Photo Booths. There are a few things we can use - prior to starting the print-out design process - in order to make the photo booth material look cohesive with other material that has been used for your event.  Having a complete custom designed print-out made by our graphic designer - specific for your event - is one of the best things about A-list Photo Booths! 

[Note:  Our graphic designer must design the print-outs (and all associated files for the photo booth both internally and externally) and our graphic designer can use any client provided material as a reference during his design process.  Sorry, no exceptions!  This allows us to maintain the quality of A-list Photo Booths material/branding and cuts down on any back and forth that would be inevitable should you desire the need to create your own print-out.  We promise you'll love what we come up with!]
Please, fill out the form below and we'll start designing your unique print-out right away. We'll show you the first draft as soon as it's ready and ask you for your comments/edits. The only thing that will need to be directly emailed to us is any image/file you may have for used for your invitation.

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All-in-One (Original)
All-in-One (Remix)
Baby Shower
Christmas Wearables
Completely Custom-made Stick Props ($180)
Hawaiian Luau
Holiday Bundle 1
Holiday Bundle 2
Holiday Bundle 3
Kid Friendly
Mother's Day
Speech Bubbles
Wedding Rustic
Wooden Stick Props
Suit and Tie
Business Casual
Chic and Trendy
Polo Shirt with Jeans
Polo Shirt with Shorts
Tee shirt and shorts
Social Media Package 1
Social Media Package 2 Kiosks
Animated GIFs
Single Color Sequin Backdrop
Mermaid Backdrop
2 Sided Backdrop
Flower Wall Backdrop
Custom Chalkboard Backdrop
Scrapbook Station
Video Recording
Custom Stick Props
Red Rope and Stanchions
Post-event Prints
Step-and-Repeat Wall
Custom Hashtag Prop

Interested In Any Add-ons?

Social Media Packages

Allowing your guest the ability to send a digital version of their fun photo booth session is always going to be a better quality image than them trying to take a picture of their print-out with their cell phone.

Social Media Package 1:  This is all done at the photo booth itself.  Guests will walk up to the photo booth, take pictures, receive their print-outs and immediately be prompted to email or text their print-out to themselves.  Also, the print-outs will automatically post to a single dedicated album on our Facebook page and then you can post the link to the album anywhere on Facebook — so everyone can view/download their pictures. - $200
Social Media Package 2 (Kiosks):  Pictures are taken at the photo booth, guests will receive their print-outs and then they will use the kiosks to share their pictures.  At any point of the event the guests can post their media (pictures/videos/GIFs) to their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, they can email and text their media to themselves too. These kiosks are really useful because it allows guests to move quicker through the photo booth area and thus increases the number of pictures we can process at the photo booth!  Click here to read more about our social media kiosks.- 2 Kiosks - $400
Animated GIFs
(Available only with kiosks.)

This makes a cool/fast/fun slideshow of all 3-4 pictures guests take and it can be shared via social media! - $150

Single Color Sequin Backdrop

Standard white cloth backdrop (no extra charge).
Colorful sequin backdrop or fabric backdrop.

Mermaid Backdrop

These backdrops allow millions of design options because they have double-sided sequins. We can brush them all up for one color or brush them all down for another color.  Plus, we can brush them in a way to create a shape or any particular design you have in mind!  Super fun and creative!

2 Sided Backdrop

Have one color for cocktail hour and one color for the rest of the evening!

Hand-made Flower Wall

Your choice of color(s). Requires 3 months to construct.
Custom Chalkboard Backdrop

Allow our artist to completely design this fun chalkboard backdrop!  We'll design a backdrop with your names, wedding date and anything else you can think of!  For example; personal sayings, inside jokes, spouse nick-names, hobbies, or anything memorable to you!
Scrapbook Station

A scrapbook station includes the scrapbook, an extra print-out for the scrapbook, double-sided tape, a large assortment of pens and markers and also the attendant will verbally remind and instruct all the guests throughout the entire event that they can participate in the scrapbook.  It’s a great gift to walk away with at the end of the night!
Video Recording

Record video messages from your guests and loved ones.  (Only you will receive these sweet momentos -- so your guests won't be camera shy!)

Custom-made Stick Props

We can make you completely custom props to match your theme, color palette, text, name, etc.  These props will be used in addition to your unlimited choice of our current selection of props.

Enhance the Photo Booth Area

Red rope and stanchions are great for crowd control around a photo booth area.Plus, they provide a elegant appearance to the entire photo booth area. - $299

65" TV's are fun to use when you want us to display a live slideshow of all the fun happening at the photo booth area. People love to see themselves on TV. Plus, the white interior of the TV stand can glow a color of your choice to match the decor! - $999

Post-event Prints

Have us supply an extra copy of every print-out AND a 4x6 photo of each individual photo that make up those print-outs.
Step-and-Repeat Wall

Our step-and-repeat walls are not your average step-and-repeat.  Our completely customizable wall is printed on a low-glare wrinkle-free fabric.  [10Wx8H and 8Wx8H sizes are available.]

Turn the photo booth area in to a private and luxurious space!  Click here to read our blog post about it and learn how it's different than any other enclosed photo booth.
Custom Hashtag Prop

Have a hashtag for your event?  Allow us to make a completely custom hashtag prop for you!  These extremely durable and low-glare signs are not what you can get made at your local copy/print/fax center.  On average they are 20" long and 4" tall. 
Custom Print-out Folders
$100 per 50 pieces

Personalized photo packaging for your print-outs can add that extra special touch to their photo booth gift and your logo can even be foil stamped!  
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